We Are All Having Feelings. (Here are some of mine.)


I am taking more deep breaths these days. I go for walks in the afternoon and see more parents, and kids, and friends outside then I think I ever have. At a proper 6 feet apart, they laugh, and walk, and point-out cute dogs to one another.

Like many, my ego is getting checked. I am finding myself so grateful for so many things I took for granted before COVID-19 entered into our world. Simple runs to the grocery store. The Grocery store staff. Coffee with friends on a Saturday morning. Lunch with family on Sunday. It’s somewhat humorous that we think our lives have been interrupted, because we can’t go to brunch anymore, or see a Friday night movie. We think our world is changing, because the world we lived in was very privileged. For many, this was already their lives before three weeks ago. We are seeing this become a great equalizer. Regardless of who you are, your status, or wealth. You can get sick, and you can get others sick.

If you thought you could operate on this planet all on your own, without effecting the others that live here with you, now again we have been harshly reminded that you cannot. You don’t get to make decisions without knowing that they will influence someone else. Your choices have consequences. Your choices have an impact. Your choices can save lives around you, or end them. This is not just conjecture, its reality. It’s a fact. Everything we do, and touch, effects someone else. This has ALWAYS been the case, but now that death count on the news-ticker is our daily reminder.

For those of you who thought it was ok to give fake dollar bills with bible versus on them to servers, instead of tips, take notice.

For those of us who didn’t see how important Nurses, and Doctors, and teachers were. Welcome to class.

For those of us who purchase online without need, see the impact you have on factory workers.

What we thought was ok, was not. What we thought was passive, was actually aggressive.

If we are all in this together, we have to realize that we have always been in this together. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Yet, I am encouraged by a very harsh reality I have been reminded of these past weeks — everything sacred. I’ve seen more communication with friends and family on a consistent basis like I never have before. Parents outside with their kids. Creativity is exploding all across the world a people find new ways to make us laugh and play with one another across digital platforms. My appreciation for Nature and seeing other human beings has been overwhelming. I yearn for both now more than I think I ever have. This is such a gift.

If we do the right thing, and make the right choices, we will see humanity grow like it never has. We will see ego take a back seat, and relationship take control. We will see ourselves treating ourselves better, and in-turn, those around us better, because now we have seen the impact every decision we make has on the world around us.

I am excited for this future.

It will take some pain and suffering to get there, but when has there ever been true growth without pain?

Wash your hands. Stay home. Say thank you to those you should have a long time ago. I’ll vow to do the same.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to others.

Have fun (at home).

“Help thy brothers boat across and lo! Thine own has reached the shore.”

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